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I am an independent small batch potter working from my black shed at home In beautiful Gisborne.

Originally from the UK where my potters journey started a little under 30 years ago but life got in the way and I have only dabbled on and off since but never lost my love for this art form.  My passion was re-ignited whilst seeking calm and refuge from my job - the self prescribed treatment was just what was needed for me to take a leap of faith and start taking my pottery a little more seriously. And here I am - a website, selling my goods and feeling incredibly happy and blessed.

The black shed pottery was born from the amazing space my lovely husband built me in his spare time - his support and encouragement to take a different road has been so valuable and very much appreciated. To him and those who  believe in me I am forever grateful.

Each piece I make is done so with love - there is no perfection striven for. I was taught as a child to cherish the imperfections of life as they hold so many gifts, lessons and inspirations. Pottery is perfectly imperfect and I love each piece that I make and am so privileged to be able to share it with others. Every piece is unique and irreplaceable.

Pottery takes a little time and I don't like to rush the process and as a part-time lone potter it means only I am involved in your order.